Septec Oil Condition Monitoring

Septec are suppliers of reliable and accurate oil condition monitoring equipment. Their range of oil monitoring systems are designed for use on industrial plant and machinery. Carrying out regular or constant checks on the condition of your oil enables equipment operators to:-

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimise break downs
  • Extend equipment life
  • Increase equipment productivity.

Septec offer two main products, both of which are based around the ‘best in market’ oil quality sensor.

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MOT – Mobile Oil Test Kit

The Septec Oil Quality Test Kit uses the Septec Oil Quality Sensor. This is the critical component in this mobile testing kit. 

Take a sample of oil from the system. The sensor takes a reading from the sample and provides a simple but accurate diagnosis on the quality of the oil. This result is delivered in a simple traffic light style system. 

Results can be saved and exported from the software which is installed on the users laptop.

Septec Oil Condition Monitoring – SOCM

This system is permanently installed and provides constant analysis of the condition of the oil. Like the MOT kit, the SOCM system employs an easy to understand traffic light system. The system includes the Septec Oil Quality Display Unit and Septec Oil quality Sensor. The Display unit is mounted in a visible location and provides the maintenance team with a real time instant oil condition analysis.

Stern Tube Oil

Water or particle contamination in the lubricating oil can often be the cause of wear, corrosion or seizure of parts.

Steering Gear

Oil leaks, failure of pumps or valves and excessive oil temperature. These are some of the issues associated with steering gear in the Marine industry. 


Presence of water in the oil is a recognised problem. This can occur for different reasons. External forces and the presence of contaminants in the oil cancompromise the integrity of the seal.

Gearbox Engine Oil

Contamination in the Gearbox lubricating oil can establish at any time, and can have a costly impact on this critical piece of equipment.

Hydraulic Winches

Poor maintenance of hydraulic oil can lead to a loss of operation with a huge impact on income.

Cranes / Hatches

Dirty oil is recognised as one of the most common causes for failure. Particles cause valves to seize and accelerate component wear.

Lubricating Oil

Water ingress can occur in many ways. The impact is substantial and leads to high maintenance costs and possible downtime.

Cargo Pump Systems

Oil is easily contaminated with particles, oxidation residue or water. The commercial impact of an inoperable cargo pump is huge.

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