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Welcome to Auxano Technologies, specialists in high quality marine equipment. Whilst our site is under construction, please see below a brief summary of our products and philosophy:-

Auxano shaft coupling bolts

Auxano Technologies design hydraulically actuated fitted bolts which are used on the ships’ propulsion shaft. Fitted bolts offer a huge advantage over conventional clearance bolts. Hydraulic fitted bolts are fully reusable and can be installed and removed within minutes. The removal process does not damage the hole and therefore eliminates any repair or dressing of holes that is common with clearance bolts.

Auxano has revolutionised the way in which hydraulic fitted bolts are designed and are the first organisation in the world to offer pre-designed, type approved, ‘off the shelf’ bolt designs. We maintain a stock level of bolts that suit holes sizes ranging from 55 to 125mm in diameter.

Septec oil condition monitoring and test kits

Oil condition is critical to the maintenance and operation of many systems on board all vessels. Septec offers two core products. The first, a mobile oil quality testing kit. The second a continuous monitoring system. Both products promote the testing and monitoring of oil condition, identify deterioration at the earliest stage and therefore avoiding downtime and expensive maintenance costs caused by dirty oil.

Septec uses a simple 3 colour traffic light system to easily identify the condition of the oil. A database allows the user to set the warning system to suit the oil grade and application. The patented sensor is 60% more sensitive and accurate than other products currently on the market.

Sola-Cure Marine Window Blinds

Sola-Cure is an established in-house brand that has been supplying vessels of all sizes with anti-glare navigation blinds, and blackout window blinds. With a global network of agents across all continents, Sola-Cure has established an impressive reference list of clients and vessel types. Many of the largest and most recognised fleets are currently sailing with anti-glare blinds in their bridge windows, offering protection against the sun when navigating.

Philosophy: Change For The Better

At Auxano Technologies, we work to a simple but effective philosophy. Our own products and those we partner, must provide a change for the better. Whether that is an improvement in the working conditions of crew and their safety, advancement in technology or to further protect the environment.

Peter Jones


Latest news: Headway OceanGuard BWMS

Auxano Technologies are in advanced talks to assume responsibility for representing Headway OceanGuard BWMS in the UK and Ireland. Headway is recognised as a leading name in Ballast Water Treatment Services. This would represent an exciting challenge and significant development for Auxano Technologies. At Auxano we have over 10 years’ experience working with UK shipowners, ship management companies and ship design companies. This places Auxano in a perfect position to partner with high quality products such as those offered by Headway.

Headway OceanGuard BWMS is accredited by the USCG with a holding time of 2 hours and also in compliance with IMO revised G8. More to follow….