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Quality and efficiency are characteristics that all repair yards strive to achieve. At Auxano, we understand the need to complete projects on‐time whilst delivering the highest quality standards of work. Maintaining time frames and minimising costs are perhaps the most important values to yards and clients alike.

Through experience, repair and conversion yards will appreciate the problems associated with the removal of conventionally fitted bolts, from the main engine through to the propeller. Removal will damage the holes and the bolts. Holes need re‐machining; replacement bolts need to be manufactured complete with the relevant class approval.

At Auxano we have introduced the Flexi‐Bolt. This is a hydraulic bolt that eliminates all of the problems associated with installation and removal of conventionally fitted bolts. Traditionally, hydraulic bolts have been installed only on newbuildings. This is due to the lengthy lead times required by the bolt manufacturer. Flexi‐Bolt is unique in that we are able to offer this as a stock item, delivered to the yard as and when required.

After re‐machining of the damaged holes, Flexi‐Bolt offers a sensible and cost effective alternative to conventional fitted bolts. For repair yards looking to improve the service and options they provide to their client, Auxano’s Flexi‐Bolt is a cost effective, high quality, reusable solution to the problems presented by conventional bolting.

• Commercially viable option for submission to clients
• Bolts held in stock, available to suit the most demanding schedule
• Quick and easy to install.

Health and Safety
• No liquid nitrogen or ‘dry ice’ required for bolt installation.
• Eliminates heavy duty hammering and accidental damage to the shaft

If shaft removal is necessary after sea trials…
• Bolt removal is quick and easy.
• No need for re‐machining of holes.
• No damage to the bolts.
• Bolts are re‐usable.