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Hydraulic Bolts



hydraulic bolts
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Turnkey suppliers of propulsion packages exist in a very competitive market where quality, reliability, service and life cycle support determines which suppliers win contracts. A competitive edge may make the difference and Easi‐Fit and Flexi‐ Bolt provide a commercial advantage when offered as part of a propulsion package.

All of the benefits associated with hydraulic bolts are passed on to the yard and the ship owner. When a propulsion package supplier includes either Easi‐Fit or Flexi‐ Bolt, the quality of their technical proposal is increased.

When considering which type of bolt to use for connecting sections of the propulsion shaft, it is often assumed that the cost of hydraulic bolts is too high to justify their inclusion.

When specified by the client, Auxano can provide high quality materials, experience, design and specification, with a dedicated and global after sales support service, but at a price acceptable to the yard.

• Fewer or smaller bolts required to satisfy classification calculations.
• Provides an improved commercial offering to clients.
• Easi‐Fit / Flexi‐Bolt can be made ready for installation without any need for finish machining.
• Eliminates requirement for hammering of conventional fitted bolts into the holes and
accidental damage to the shaft.