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All ship yards strive to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. However this must be achieved within budget. At Auxano, we recognise that commercial requirement. The Easi‐Fit and the Flexi‐bolt provides a high quality product that is appreciated by Owners yet commercially viable for ship yards.

When considering which type of bolt to use for connecting sections of the propulsion shaft, it is often assumed that the costs of hydraulic bolts are too high to justify their inclusion.

When specified by the client, the cost can often be surprisingly high. At Auxano we have introduced high quality materials, experience, design and specification, with a dedicated and global after sales support service, but at a price acceptable to the yard..


  • Commercially viable option for submission to clients
  • Fewer or smaller bolts required to satisfy classification calculations
  • Quick and easy to install

Health and Safety

  • No liquid nitrogen or ‘dry ice’ required for bolt installation, unlike conventional fitted bolts.
  • Eliminates heavy duty hammering and accidental damage to the shaft

If shaft removal is necessary after sea trials…

  • Removal of the Auxano Easi‐Fit / Flexi‐Bolt is quick and easy.
  • No need for re‐machining of holes.
  • No damage to the bolts.
  • Auxano’s hydraulic bolts are re‐usable