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Time is money, especially when it concerns downtime for Cutter Suction Dredgers. This is why cutter ladder shafts are increasingly being bolted together using hydraulic bolts. Emphasis at the design stage on any new CSD is placed upon repair and maintenance of the vessel. The value of reducing downtime is a critical factor.

Demands on dredging continue to increase. Cutter shafts can now be employed at depths in excess of 30 metres and in the harshest of environments. This type of work is invaluable. It is important that during any maintenance work, either scheduled or not that any requirement for disassembly of the cutter shaft is quick and problem free.

It is vital that those responsible for getting the shaft repaired and re‐assembled can do so within the constraints of a time schedule that minimises downtime and reduces cost.

Predicting and reducing downtime

During any maintenance work on a cutter section dredger it may be necessary to split the shaft at any point along the cutter ladder. This involves removal of the bolts and if those bolts are conventionally fitted bolts, this will create problems.

These problems can and are overcome. Typically, it can be difficult to predict how long it will take to remove the bolts. Removal will almost certainly cause damage to the holes and the bolts. Holes will need to be repaired by re‐machining and the bolts are no longer useful because they are either damaged or too small for the re‐machined holes.

Downtime can be affected and costs inevitably increase.

Easi‐Fit / Flexi‐Bolt are the solution to that problem. The bolts are quick and easy to install. More importantly, they are removed with the same simplicity and speed. There is no damage to the holes or the bolts and they are reusable even if a new section of shaft is installed.

The Easi‐Fit / Flexi‐Bolt therefore allows for predictability in shaft separation and re‐assembly times.

They eliminate the need for repair to damaged holes and eradicate the need for new bolts. In addition, the Flexi‐Bolt range are available as a stock item, to be delivered as and more importantly, when required.

• Quick and easy to remove.
• Accurate scheduling of time during shaft removal.
• No damage to holes in the shaft.
• No need for re‐machining of holes.
• No damage to the bolts.
• Bolts are re‐usable.
• Installation is quick and easy.
• Where new sections of shaft are required, bolts are also re‐usable.
• Full range of bolts available as a stock item.