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Hydraulic Bolts



hydraulic bolt

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F-series Flexi-Bolt

lloyds registerThe F-series range of bolts has been submitted for classification society design appraisal prior to manufacture. In conjunction with any order, Auxano will submit the bolt diameter calculations for a particular vessel. These are submitted to the relevant societies who are able to respond to the market demands.

E-series Easi-Fit Bolt

As our Easi-Fit bolts are designed specific to a shafts’ flange size, our classification process follows the route traditionally taken with hydraulic bolts. As such the design is submitted to the relevant society and upon approval; we will manufacture, assemble and test the bolts in accordance with the society rules.



  • Lloyds Register
  • ABS
  • Germanischer Lloyds / DNV
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Class NK