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Hydraulic Bolts




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about auxano technologies - suppliers of hydraulic bolts

Auxano Technologies Ltd has their headquarters in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Sales, design and all administration duties are based here in the UK. More specifically, we have over 15 years experience in the design, installation, training and technical support of hydraulic bolts. Our bolts are manufactured to a high quality specification. In addition, Auxano is committed to delivering a price that makes commercial sense with no compromise on quality, service or experience.

To support our European base, we utilise a global network of technical and sales representatives who are able to provide our clients with a reliable, efficient and prompt service. We recognise and never underestimate the value of before and after sales support, viewing this as an integral part of the Auxano brand.

Auxano is a wholly independent organisation that is committed to developing strong relationships with our clients. We appreciate that shipyards often have concerns that are different to those of an Owner or operator. As such our business model is based on providing a solution to the satisfaction of all parties.